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In the medieval village of Laguardia, La Rioja’s future was developed in the cellars of Artadi. This masterpiece is without a doubt to the credit of the brilliant and creative work by Juan Carlos Lopez, who is now assisted by his son Carlos.

In 1992, when Juan Carlos turned the cooperative into an independent “bodega”, he’d already been in charge for 7 years. His vision was revolutionary but he was soon able to produce the best wines in Spain which immediately conquered the world. Some of his innovative ideas included the short pruning of the vineyards, which resulted in a very small return, and the use of French oak barrels. More importantly though, was bottling his wines “early” as opposed to the traditional rioja’s that were sometimes kept in large wooden barrels for 10 years. In doing so, he deliberately moved away from the Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva classification.

All the wines in their gamma are exclusively made from the Tempranillo grape which originates from Rioja and produces the best quality there. The gamma consists of 3 wines of which Vinas de Gain is the basis. This wine sets the biggest example of the best Rioja wines and is often used as a reference point. It is without a doubt the best quality wine in its price category.
Only the best grapes from the old vineyards, originating from the best regions in Rioja, are selected to produce the Pagos Viejos. Thus it’s easy to understand that this wine is a true explosion of fruit, structure and elegant tannins. This wine owes its perfect balance to maturing in oak barrels for 14 months. Only during the biggest years will this selection produce the superior Grandes Añadas.
Viña El Pison comes from a unique piece of 2.4 hectares of land where the soil and location of the vineyard with its relation to the sun, are exceptional tenors. Averaging 65 years of age, these vines produce nothing but the best, but unfortunately it’s also extremely limited, making this whopper even more unique!
Juan Carlos Lopez - Artadi

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Restaurant Retail Consumer
Red El Sequé 0.75L 2019 CB6 18.80 € 20.70 € 24.38 € bottles
Red Pasos de San Martin 0.75L 2016 CB6 RP 92 15.00 € 16.50 € 19.46 € bottles
Red El Carretil 0.75L 2017 WC6 RP 95-96 122.15 € 134.35 € 158.47 € bottles
Red El Carretil 0.75L 2018 WC6 RP 96-98 122.00 € 134.20 € 161.16 € bottles
Red El Pison 0.75L 2014 WC6 RP 97 195.05 € 214.55 € 252.89 € bottles
Red El Pison 0.75L 2016 WC6 RP 99 222.00 € 244.20 € 289.26 € bottles
Red El Pison 0.75L 2017 WC6 RP 97+ 209.95 € 230.95 € 272.73 € bottles
Red El Pison 0.75L 2018 WC6 RP 98-100 222.00 € 244.20 € 289.26 € bottles
Red La Poza de Ballesteros 0.75L 2017 WC6 77.70 € 85.50 € 100.79 € bottles
Red Quintanilla 0.75L 2017 WC6 RP 93+ 39.95 € 44.00 € 51.86 € bottles
Red Tempranillo 0.75L 2018 CB12 9.45 € 10.40 € 12.27 € bottles
Red Valdegines 0.75L 2018 WC6 29.45 € 32.40 € 38.02 € bottles
Red Vinas de Gain 0.75L 2018 CB6 18.80 € 20.70 € 24.38 € To be expected

Restaurant: Restaurant or price for 120 bottles or more
Retail: price for 12 bottles, per reference
Consumer: price per bottle

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