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Château Croizet Bages, 5ieme GCC

Bordeaux > Pauillac - 55.00% Cabernet Sauvignon; 35.00% Merlot; 10.00% Cabernet Franc

First established in the 16th century by the des Bages family, this estate was taken over by the Croizet brothers at the end of the French Revolution. It later passed into the hands of Monsieur Julien Calvé in the mid nineteenth century. M. Paul Quié purchased the château after the Second World War and his son, Jean-Michel, currently manages the estate. This is in the heart of the Bages plateau, whose gentle slopes ensure ideal natural drainage. The soil is fairly homogeneous, but quite complex. The first layer (1 metre thick) is made up of large pebbles cemented with siliceous soil. The second layer is composed of 15cm of ochre sand and iron oxide. The third layer, several meters deep, is largely white gravelly sand. The vine roots thrive in this soil to produce wines of great quality. Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon 55%, Cabernet Franc 10% and Merlot 35%. The fermenting vats are made of stainless steel. The wine is aged traditionally in oak barrels. Production varies from 115 to 135.000 bottles.

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Château Croizet Bages
0.75L 2014 WC12 25.50 € 28.00 € 33.06 € bottles

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